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CytoWiz: Expert Flow Cytometry Consulting

From multi-parameter panel design to complex data analysis, we offer hassle-free flow cytometry support from start to finish.  

Our Servuces

Our Services


We help ensure your assays are optimally designed to answer your scientific

questions and produce informative results. After an initial 30 minute counsel, we create a workflow tailored specifically to your needs that is based on your current instrumentation and budget.

Panel Design

We offer rational design of flow cytometry panels, assisting with marker,

fluorochrome, and viability dye selection. We also offer expertise regarding intracellular antigens, cell proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis, or other functional markers. 

Panel Optimization

From antibody titration to panel validation, we provide step-by-step guidance as you implement your flow cytometry assay. We also assist in establishing a standard operating procedure (SOP) and performance evaluation for new panels. 

Data Analysis and Interpretation 

Hard working scientists deserve clear answers. We can get you there with detailed gate-based analysis and marker quantification. We provide analytical services ranging from descriptive

statistics to more advanced statistical analyses. 

Algorithm Based Analysis

High-order, complex data sets can create big data challenges. We offer algorithm-based analyses, including SPADE and viSNE, to help you discover novel populations and generate new hypotheses. We will guide you through the results with logical and concise explanations.  

Manuscript and Figure Support

Clearly communicate your results with professional quality flow cytometry figures  and methodologies. We offer publication-quality graphics support, and can provide guidance for flow cytometry-related method sections, figure legends, or standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Ready to get started?

Getting started is easy! To set up your free 30 minute counsel, contact us here, or click the "get started" button below to tell us about your flow cytometry needs.

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